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Vintage Photos: Bedouin Praying In The Desert

These two old photographs are part of my collection. They depict a Bedouin and his camel in the desert. The Bedouin is doing his prayer. The pictures are not of the best quality, very little details are showing but still the topic is interesting. Circa 1930′s or 40′s, location unknown (probably North Africa since these come from a old French photo album).

Bedouin prayer

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Hilarious Camel Picture: Belly Dancing Lady Camel

Look at this hilarious print by artist persimew. I just love all the little details. Of course the camel is great, but have a closer look at that Sphinx! Now if you are looking for a whimsical camel poster, this maybe it! It’s available in various size and paper type.

Photo: Young Woman Riding a Camel in the Desert

In 1942 a lucky young woman was doing a trek in the desert. Here she is proudly posing, on the back of a camel.
We will never know who she was, only that she was German and this being taken at the height of WWII North African Campaign.
Just thought I shared this little photo with you.

woman riding a camel